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Your Implant Headquarters

Titanium and Zirconia abutment options available.

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All on X

Call 888-345-0173 and speak with implant expert technicians to help plan your next All on X Case.

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Custom Shades

We invite your patients, for custom shade matching service. Your patient will sit with the ceramist that is working on their case. Reserve a custom shade match appointment today.

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Excellence through innovation

We are constantly updating our machines, strategies, and materials to stay on top of the latest trends in the market. Our market research goes above and beyond to bring the latest technology to our laboratory, and our sub companies help innovate some of the newest technologies.

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Hatzakortzian Dental Lab Inc.

Delivering smiles for over 50 years

  • Inception

    Hovig Hatzakortzian started his Dental lab career in 1966 at the age of 16. He opened his own laboratory in 1969 with his brother, in Beirut Lebanon.

  • Renowned for Perfection

    in 1975, Hovig Hatzakortzian's laboratory was awarded by the lebanese goverment for his excellence in workmanship in the dental industry. He was also appointed as the first president of the Dental Laboratory Association of Lebanon.

  • Transition to Digital

    In 2007, the transition to digital was initiated thanks to his sons. The lab started with a desktop scanner, and then evolved to milling and sintering their crowns.

  • Digital Era

    Today Hatzakortzian Dental Lab inc, in combination with subortinate companies it owns, are showing the way to many offices, and laboratories how to be profitable and succesful by transitioning to all-digital.